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Why You Shouldn’t Drop Your Arms In The Downswing (Do This Instead!)

Do you feel stuck in your golf swing, with your right elbow trapped? Maybe the easy fix is you shouldn’t drop your arms in the downswing!

If you’ve been told in the past to drop your arms to start your downswing, perhaps this ingredient is creating a recipe for disaster in your swing. Oftentimes when we see students lower their arms out of the top this can get the right elbow in golf swing stuck behind the seam line. This typically couples with an excessive in-to-out path and major low point issues! In this video, Henry and Milo will share with you their preferred method to creating the necessary “down” in the swing without getting stuck, and without too much dropping, or lowering the arms. A special thank you as well to George Gankas for sending us his awesome GBOX training aid, which comes in great handy for this fix and video! We hope you enjoy and welcome your feedback.


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