My Story

Milo Lines

Since Milo’s youth he has had a love for athletics. In his early years he was a standout baseball player, but due to an elbow injury his dreams of playing in the big leagues were dashed. After a bit of coaxing from his father he decided to pick up the game of golf, which came naturally to him. He quickly won two amateur events in his first summer of competition, impressing the head golf coach at Utah Valley University so much Milo was offered a place on his team, and a scholarship. Milo would go on to earn Second Team All-America and Academic All-America honors, as well as a B.S. in International Business while attending UVU. After graduating, he turned professional and played full time on several tours; including The Grey Goose Gateway tour, The A.G. Spanos Tour, and Canadian Tour. He won several events, and rarely missed a cut during the two years he played full time. Since committing his time to coaching, he has also won several PGA section events and qualified to play in the PGA National Championship multiple times.

When it comes to Milo’s philosophy on the golf swing, he has studied athletic movement in basically every sport. He sees that there is crossover, especially in sports involving hitting and throwing (like from his roots in baseball) and therefore encourages a swing based on these movement patterns. His goal as your teacher is to help you learn to apply the athletic skills you already have and to teach you the skills you need in order to improve as a golfer. Milo wants to help you bring out your inner athlete! He has been a PGA Professional since 2005 and joined the team at Superstition Mountain as a Golf Instructor in 2011, teaching under Mike Malaska. His understanding of human movement, attention to detail, and ability to explain complexities in terms everybody can understand, gives Milo a unique aptitude for instruction.


Student Reviews

During Milo’s first lesson with me, he filmed me hitting golf balls on his iPad, created a split-screen, and compared my swing in slow motion to pros who had a similar swing pattern. By the end of the driver lesson, Milo had me hitting the ball 275 yards + with a draw. I’d never hit a draw before.

– Patrick O

I have increased my average ball speed by 8 miles an hour, and as an over 50 golfer, I am consistently in the 170- 175 MPH ball speed range with the driver on the course. This technique and confidence has trickled down into all aspects of my ball striking.

– Philip P

Milo gave me some drills to correct my swing flaws, but more importantly, it was the feel for the swing. That is something that I can ingrain and build on. It has me motivated to play more! My only regret is that I wish I could have taken a lesson from him a few years ago.

– Penny P