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After starting your membership, you’ll be given instructions on how to upload videos of your golf swing to CoachNow. Milo and his team of instructors will analyze your swing and create an individualized roadmap for your improvement.

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Finally, you’ll be able to learn and apply Milo’s 3 Foundations. Milo and his coaching team have used these with thousands of students all over the world to make incredible swing transformations.

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300+ Training Videos

Your video roadmap to success, including Milo’s method and foundational pieces covering all aspects of the game. Includes more than 300 videos and the ability to ask the Milo Lines team questions within every lesson.

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Member-Only Webinars

Monthly Zoom webinar covering topics requested by Milo Lines Academy members. Live Q&A with Milo and his team.


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Get extra one-on-one live coaching on Zoom/FaceTime at a special rate where you receive $15 off for a half hour lesson.

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Get a one-of-a-kind look into Milo’s hands-on coaching and access to over 30 in-person lesson videos with golfers of all skill levels and individual swing challenges.

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Private Community

A group forum on CoachNow for students and coaches to connect, share knowledge and feedback, and provide encouragement.


Golf Swing Analyzer Tool

Immediate access to a state-of-the-art golf swing analysis application. Self-diagnose or communicate with a coach from the Milo Lines team to inspect problem areas.

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✔️ Monthly Swing Evaluation

✔️ Video Course Library

✔️ Milo’s 3 Foundations

✔️ Live Lesson Library

✔️ Member Webinars

✔️ Special Online Lesson Pricing

✔️ Private Community Forum

✔️ Use of Swing Analyzer Tools

✔️ 24/7 Access to Milo Lines and Coaching Team

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Monthly Membership



Billed Monthly ($708 Annually)

✔️ Monthly Swing Evaluation

✔️ Video Course Library

✔️ Milo’s 3 Foundations

✔️ Live Lesson Library

✔️ Member Webinars

✔️ Special Online Lesson Pricing

✔️ Private Community Forum

✔️ Use of Swing Analyzer Tools

✔️ 24/7 Access to Milo Lines and Coaching Team

✔️ And Much More…

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Embrace our Iron-Clad Promise! If, after 30 days, you don't feel the undeniable impact of our program on your swing and game, then we haven't earned our keep, and you owe us nothing. We're here to be your personal guide in mastering our Swing Like an Athlete System. If for any reason you feel our program, support, and coaching doesn't measure up, then we'll return your investment. This is our guarantee!

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What Students Are Saying

Yom Testimonial
Yom Testimonial

I’ve tried a few other online instruction programs, but Milo’s is by far the best. Clear explanations, easy-to-understand drills, and extensive library videos.

The members are great as well. Mostly with encouragement and letting me know I’m on the right track. It’s not an overnight process, but I have had many light bulb moments.

Milo’s Online Academy is highly recommended.

- Mark B.

Overall very happy that I joined the Milo Lines academy. Always a fan of the content but great to have access to Milo and the coaches while I work to improve.

Milo you are a genius. I followed your wise advice and hit it solid after 20 years of frustration. What you say makes a ton of sense.

– Student

While on a golf trip in Scotland shortly after retiring, I had come across John Richardson’s book – “Dream On: One Hack Golfer’s Challenge to Break Par in a Year.” I decided to make it my goal as a new retiree. The short story is my new instructor Milo embraced this challenge. Though I didn’t “pull it off in a year,” I did manage to shoot two under par 16 months into our working together and level par on several occasions shortly there after. Mission accomplished!

– Tom B

Milo cares a great deal about helping you improve your game (as opposed to just getting through a lesson). He’s quick to observe where your weak points are and how to correct them quickly. After our first lesson, I learned a ton, and my golf swing saw significant improvement throughout just a few lessons. He’s excellent at explaining mechanics and giving you great drills to practice on your own. I’ve paid for lessons in the past, but it wasn’t until I started working with Milo that I felt they paid off. Thanks, Milo!

– Jacob G

I’ve been golfing for a few years and have taken lessons from various instructors. I work really hard at improving my game, but it just seemed to stall. I started taking lessons from Milo, and it changed not only my golf swing but also my confidence. He has the amazing talent of watching someone take a couple of swings, and he immediately knows the fix. This past winter, Milo gave me some drills to correct my swing flaws (that worked) but more importantly, it was the feel for the swing. That is something that I can ingrain and build on. It has me motivated to play more! My only regret is that I wish I could have taken a lesson from him a few years ago. Today I hit longer and more accurate shots with a fraction of the effort, which still amazes me.

– Penny P

I have gone to many teachers over my time. No one has ever started with creating the foundation first like Milo. I started feeling my hips pivot and getting rid of my early extension. Keep it up!


I have flown across the country to work with Milo in person, and I’m now thrilled to be able to get monthly guidance from Milo and his team as I continue to work on my game!

Milo has helped me so much in the six weeks we have worked together. He has broken down my swing and helped me understand what I needed to do to improve. He has kept things simple and given me drills to work on to make huge strides. I highly recommend scheduling lessons with him and I could not be happier with all he has done to help me improve! Thanks Milo!

– Tom S

Great analysis by Henry. He was messaging on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day asking several questions to get an understanding of what my feels were and many more qualifying questions. It is clear he takes pride as a coach and wanted to gain an understanding into my thinking before providing an analysis. I love how he shows what you do well and areas of improvement based on the best in the world and with side by side videos. Can’t wait to put our plan of action into place and seeing the results.

– Brad

I have never taken golf lessons before…I was lucky enough to work with Henry this season and in only a few lessons we were able to eliminate my typical miss of a thin-cut. He used some really cool tools and was also able to help [me] with [my] chipping and showed me how to expose the bounce to reduce risk around the greens. He’s a great guy and made the process fun as well!

– David

Absolutely, best golf coaches and website available, in my opinion! You guys took me from a 3.4 3.8 to a +2.4 (currently +1.5). All I'm chasing is better motion and solid strikes. To be honest, I can improve, so I'm really excited about my future game at the moment! I can't thank you guys

- TJ H.

I’ve improved my ball striking significantly after a few months working with Milo’s pivot drills. My distance, flight, and accuracy have improved.

– Tim

Overall, you have an amazing product I have improved dramatically since attending the two day school in San Diego. I went from 14 handicap. Currently I am playing to an 8 handicap. It’s all thanks to you and your team. Thank you so much for starting up the Academy. Please give all the Academy personnel, my thanks. Very proud to be a part of this Academy!

In the last six rounds, I have shot in the mid to low seventy’s. Before your lesson, I shot one round in the 70s in the previous eight months. I am playing the best golf in many years, and to be honest, I haven’t even scored well. My ball-striking has been off the charts good. Thank you again. I can’t wait to see you in person again.

– Bill B

During Milo’s first lesson with me, he filmed me hitting golf balls on his iPad, created a split-screen, and compared my swing in slow motion to pros who had a similar swing pattern. He showed me that I could hit the ball more consistently, accurately, and longer by changing a couple of things. My driver has been a constant source of frustration. By the end of the driver lesson, Milo had me hitting the ball 275 yards + with a draw. I’d never hit a draw before.

– Patrick O

I have had the pleasure of working with Milo for the past three years. I’ve been to GolfTec, I’ve taken golf clinics, and I have used five other instructors in the past ten years. No one else has impacted my golf game as much as Milo. I forbid to use any other swing coach as I believe in Milo’s methods and instruction. I can say without question that Milo has had more impact on my golf game than any coach or instructor that I’ve worked with. What I appreciate about our lessons is that he keeps things simple. He works with your swing and doesn’t try to mold you into the swing of another player. I value his concepts regarding the golf swing’s physics and trying to keep things as simple as possible. When I first started using Milo, I was a 14 Index. After our first year together, I was able to get my Index down to a seven. This wouldn’t have been possible without Milo’s instruction. Milo is a phenomenal player, coach, and friend. He makes golf fun and provides opportunities for his students to reach their potential.

– Joe K

I’ve had the benefit of an in-person lesson that gave me a leg up in understanding Milo’s building blocks and getting some real feedback in the “wild.” Now, the ability to submit videos each month for feedback is fantastic and something I’ve never had with any other golf learning website–to get feedback b4 you get too far down the road on something.


I was very pleased to hear that Milo Lines had finally launched a subscription product. Milo is clearly one of the very best instructors in the industry. The videos on this site are loaded with information that cannot be found elsewhere. There are no gimmicks or false promises. Milo provides a path if you are willing to put in the effort, to improve all aspects of your game.

Milo’s content is the best online golf instruction I’ve seen.

– Chris B

Milo, Thanks again for the lesson a few weeks ago. Ironically I had put my sticks up for sale prior to the lesson (on eBay), and they didn’t end up selling. But since the lesson, the two-way miss, is WAY cut down, the cone of dispersion is probably 50% smaller, and this weekend didn’t feel like I played too well. Honestly, it felt like I missed 80% of my shots, but they were, like always, B- shots resulting in no large numbers and tons of pars. My only double of the weekend was that I misjudged the wind on a par three and was in between clubs. I took the longer one and poured it dead into the weeds long. Shot a good 77, 74 when the past few months 83s+ were basically a given. Where I shot the 74, I shot 89 in May.

Again, thanks man! I can’t wait to get back at it working with you.

Mark W.

This camp was excellent, my son improved and learned how to better work on his skills. He really absorbed the direction from the pros and was able to apply it to his golf game and describe what he learned to me on the ride home.

– Gary L

Unbelievable! I am amazed at his ability to watch my swing, then give doable pointers based on my skills to improve my game. Major improvements in just my first set of 5 lessons. Ready for the next set now!!

- Craig M

I’d never broken 80 up till two years ago, but now in the 70s 5 of my last 7, and by far best ball striking this round despite a disappointing 80:
That’s on terrible greens, with four 3-putts and missed birdies of 3, 7, and 17 feet – made 11-footers. My putting average leading up to this was 1.7, so I can’t wait to hit this good on a course with good greens!

I will soon schedule the next lesson, but what you’ve changed so far is working better than I ever dreamed.

– Student

Milo’s teaching in recent months has drastically improved my ball striking and game as a whole. My competitive scoring average has dropped below 67 since we started working together. I have been extremely surprised at how quickly my game has progressed. Milo’s ability to bring out the natural athleticism in every golfer is how he makes the game fun for golfers of all levels.

– Blake C

I have been taking golf lessons from Milo Lines for about two years. Before this, I gave golf up for 15 years because I was frustrated. I was a member at Saucon Valley CC, PA, and Olympia Fields, IL. I was a pretty good player with a handicap around four but couldn’t get any better. I am now 65 and playing to a +2, better than I did as a younger man. Milo has given me the ability to self-correct when things get off, but the most significant improvement has been the mental game. He has taught me how to attack a course and focus on the shot at hand and enjoy the time between shots!

– Tom G

Being a member has allowed me to learn more about the golf swing and the proper map in my mind. The website videos are very helpful. I have gone through quite a few of them. The monthly swing analysis even though I have only had two have been very helpful. I typically will shoot a 78 or so once a year and after only two monthly reviews I have shot 78 three times and my handicap has dropped from 11 to 8.5! - Thank you!

I'm several months in and really pleased with MLG so far. I'm a 3-7 handi scratch-chaser on a limited budget, trying to get my irons to where the rest of my game is, and I couldn't ask for more value. I'm very pleased with Henry's teaching so far and I'm making progress.

– Joseph N

During Milo’s first lesson with me, he filmed me hitting golf balls on his iPad, created a split-screen, and compared my swing in slow motion to pros who had a similar swing pattern. He showed me that I could hit the ball more consistently, accurately, and longer by changing a couple of things. My driver has been a constant source of frustration. By the end of the driver lesson, Milo had me hitting the ball 275 yards + with a draw. I’d never hit a draw before.

– Patrick O

I’ve had lots of conventional golf lessons, but none have come close to the value I’m getting from this site. To have concepts explained clearly, by someone who executes them so brilliantly is gold. I truly believe that, with the right information, we can all improve at golf. This site delivers the accurate information I’ve been seeking for literally years. The online tuition is also fantastic. It’s extremely perceptive, and I already see huge improvements in my own swing after only three lessons. Am never having an in-person lesson again – unless I make it out to Superstition Mountain!

My overall experience with this academy is my ball striking has greatly improved. I am hitting the ball in the center of the club face, and Milo has taught me how to correct myself when I hit a bad shot. I’m looking forward to when I really have the swing down.

Thanks for this awesomely useful resource. I’ve been a member for 1 week, and I am gradually working my way through the material. Goldmine doesn’t cover it.

Thank you for this amazingly well thought out learning experience.

– Charlie G

Dudeeeee, still have improvement to be made, but so much better…out of 30 balls I hit 2 pulls…thanks so much!! I could definitely feel the difference in resistance during impact, hit everything low and where I wanted it to go while staying in impact position…stoked!

– Kevin L

Henry made some great assessments of my current swing and provided the feedback I need to correct those issues. His instruction is clear and easy to put to use immediately. Very pleased to have Henry as my coach.

– Raymond

I’m a very stubborn person and have only had two lessons in my golfing journey. I just recently took a lesson with Henry, with the focus on chipping. Henry had the ability to offer pointers right away. By the end of the lesson, I was hitting flop shots from juicy lies. More importantly, I got up and down for par five times during my next round and shot my best score this year. Henry provided sound advice and instilled the confidence that I needed to get my short game back. Do yourself a favor and book a lesson.

– Jeremy E


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a bad back?

The swing we teach is easy on the back and body however if needed there are modifications that can be made to the motion to make playing this great game as pain free as possible.

What if I can't play golf because of the climate of where I live right now?

The best time to work on your swing is during the offseason. All you need is a place to make swings, no need to see the ball flight to improve.

Once I've learned the swing is that it?

Learning to swing is just the beginning of the journey to developing a complete game. We will have a series on every aspect of the game of golf to guide you on your journey.

Can I ask questions?

Please ask questions and give feedback. Milo is always happy to help and there are no dumb questions.

Can I schedule a lesson with Milo?

Yes, private lessons are given on a first come first serve basis. Milo’s schedule fills up fast so you may need to look weeks out to schedule your time by clicking here.

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