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After starting your membership, you’ll be given instructions on how to upload videos of your golf swing to CoachNow.  Milo and his team of instructors will analyze your swing and create a roadmap for your improvement.

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Online Coaching Library

100s of videos covering every facet of the game

Private Online Forum

A place for students to give and receive feedback and encouragement.

Member Only Events and Schools

Milo will be hosting summer golf schools around the U.S.

Get The Most Out Of Your Practice

Learn To Evaluate your game so you know where to focus your time and energy.

Monthly Swing Evaluation

Submit your swing and get a personalized swing analysis and feedback.

Live Lesson Library

Get an over-the-shoulder look as Milo works with actual students and learn from their success.

Ask Milo

Milo will answer member questions in a video format weekly.

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Live Q&A with Milo and His Team.

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Golf Events and Schools

Milo Plans To Host golf schools around the U.S. each summer for members only.

Success Stories 

What Students Are Saying

I have worked with Milo over the last 3 years and my golf game has greatly improved because of him. I am hitting shots that I never thought I would be able to hit. He knows the golf swing and puts in the time, effort, and patience that it takes to help a person get better.

– Jeff R

Unbelievable! I am amazed at his ability to watch my swing, then give doable pointers based on my skills to improve my game. Major improvements in just my first set of 5 lessons. Ready for the next set now!!

– Craig M

Great coach. Milo can help you understand with video, and he’s able to explain the golf swing in numerous ways to help you understand. He also has a great work ethic and professional demeanor.

– Zach C

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100s of Training Videos

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Live Q&A with Milo and His Team where you can get answers to your questions about the swing, the latest equipment, and anything else golf related.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a bad back?

The swing we teach is easy on the back and body however if needed there are modifications that can be made to the motion to make playing this great game as pain free as possible.

What if I can't play golf because of the climate of where I live right now?

The best time to work on your swing is during the offseason. All you need is a place to make swings, no need to see the ball flight to improve.

Once I've learned the swing is that it?

Learning to swing is just the beginning of the journey to developing a complete game. We will have a series on every aspect of the game of golf to guide you on your journey.

Can I ask questions?

Please ask questions and give feedback. Milo is always happy to help and there are no dumb questions.

Can I schedule a lesson with Milo?

Yes, private lessons are given on a first come first serve basis. Milo’s schedule fills up fast so you may need to look weeks out to schedule your time by clicking here.