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We Fixed Her Bowed Left Wrist And She Was Hitting Irons Dead Straight! (Live Golf Lesson)

Becca came by for a golf lesson before her final college tournament and we fixed her bowed left wrist. She left hitting high, straight irons!

In this lesson, it was quickly evident that Becca’s bowed left wrist was causing her face to get overly closed and de-lofted, leading to a low left miss with her irons. By neutralizing her wrist hinge and stabilizing the club face, she quickly was able to start hitting her irons higher again, with more spin, and with far less shots pulling to the left.

While some players like a Collin Morikawa or Dustin Johnson may be able to make that pattern work, it’s important to consider the student and ball flight characteristics, such as: height, spin, launch angle, land angle, start line, and curve. How they manage the club face and release is crucial in being able to match up their bow in the lead wrist. I hope you enjoy this live golf lesson and a look into the changes we made with Becca to better suit her game!


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