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Unlock Elite Hip Movement In Your Swing With These EASY Golf Exercises!

Do you struggle to create the hip movement and turn you see from the game’s best golfers? Maybe you just haven’t ever incorporated the right training, the essential golf exercises to unlock more hip depth, hip rotation, and speed! What if the hip movement you see from the likes of Min Woo Lee, Wyndham Clark, and Dustin Johnson could be easily programmed? Milo Lines Golf and Superstition Mountain G&CC fitness coach, Zach Gulley joins me to reveal a few of our favorite exercises to getting students to move more like an athlete. This special 3-part series will give you some awesome patterns to train, not only this offseason, but also leading up to your next round. You can also schedule individual consults with Zach HERE. You’ll start moving better, feeling better, and swinging more freely. I hope you enjoy!


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