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The WOMEN’S Golf Swing Made Powerful And EASY! (Giulia Sergas LPGA)

The women’s golf swing can be easy and powerful with helpful golf instruction from former LPGA Tour professional, Giulia Sergas! In this video, Giulia and Milo will share insights on her LPGA golf swing and what adjustments may need to be made for women and girls looking to improve their actions, and wondering how to increase club head speed. If you regularly watch our content, you’ll note that many of the golf lessons provided here will in fact sound familiar (such as the lesson on the left arm in golf swing) with a few subtle modifications. Interestingly as well, women tend to produce higher degrees of hip rotation in the golf swing. The women’s golf swing laid out here can in fact also help most male golfers, and seems to especially align with traits we see in the senior golf swing with a bit more of a golf release at impact. We hope you enjoy this video and be sure to share it with other ladies, whether new to the game or looking to take their games to the next level!


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