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The Club Fitting SECRET Ben Hogan And Lee Trevino Used For Legendary Ball Striking

Did Ben Hogan and Lee Trevino master this club fitting secret for legendary ball striking? Chad Dietz of Foreward Golf returns to reveal!

In our 2nd episode with Chad from Foreward Golf we look at the clubs and classic movements presented in the Ben Hogan golf swing and Lee Trevino golf swing, and how they correlated for these two elite ball strikers. What you may not have known is that these two legends played somewhat similarly designed golf clubs, specially designed irons that we estimate 99% of golfers don’t use today. For our discussions we focus on lie angle and sole design. What’s more, these irons created a pathway, and essentially incentivized these great swingers to move in a particular rotational fashion. With this in mind, perhaps this should have been one of the Ben Hogan Five Lessons? We thank you for watching and look forward to your feedback!


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