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SWAY The Ribcage In Your Golf Downswing Sequence To STACK And Turn w/ @elitegolfofarizona ​

As coaches, we regularly get asked how to start the downswing. In this video with Elite Golf Schools, we’ll uncover a move that we see happening during this transition and the beginnings of the golf downswing sequence, and that is the sway of the ribcage. This move which happens along with the pressure shift back to the lead side helps us stack up our centers (upper and lower), the torso and pelvis, so we can then turn into the ball with proper low point control, angle of attack, and path. Without this landing phase, turning or rotating only spins us out and can create a steep downswing. In addition to the rib sway early in the downswing, we’ll also look at the rib sway early in the backswing and takeaway which helps create a proper wind up off the ball. We hope you enjoy this addition to our elite golf series!


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