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STOP Keeping Your Back To The Target In The Downswing

Many golfers have been told to “keep your back to the target in the downswing”, but is that the most optimal matchup? The feeling has certainly worked for many high level players, as demonstrated in this video by Justin Rose. That said, in my experience, professionals have a far superior pivot to begin with and what they “feel” isn’t necessarily “real” in their swing. Depending on where they are in their golf swing journey, that feel could match up well for them. After all, elite golfers are typically just looking to find neutral to some extent. It’s not my preference to see them keep their back to the target longer, but that matchup can and has worked for some. However, in my experience I don’t believe it’s the feel the majority of the golfing population should strive for, as there are numerous other factors that play into creating the over the top golf swing often associated with this potential solution. The question I pose to you in this video is, is there another way, and perhaps could another way be more functional and dynamic? I hope you enjoy, and as always, I welcome your thoughts!


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