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Shallowing The Golf Club Made SIMPLE (Shaft 90 Degrees To Your Spine)

Let’s look at a matchup I see amongst many of the great ball strikers throughout history, the shaft 90 degrees to the spine in the downswing. Fellow Milo Lines Golf coach, Ed Lasater joins me to show you this awesome matchup! This simple concept can help us in shallowing the golf club and in turn delivering the club through more of a rotational golf swing. This move can be natural if you allow the center of mass to kick back in transition. For many this never happens because they pull down, throw, and drop their arms from the top. We also look at the swings of Jon Rahm and Matthew Wolff to show how different backswing patterns can still produce a similar look in the downswing. Stop adding the energy early and learn to land and turn as shown in the video to get the club following you from behind into the ball. We hope you enjoy this video!


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