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PUTTING TIP: How To Make Left To Right Breaking Putts


Milo Lines: Let’s talk a little putting and how our setup can affect our ability to make some of these tough little left to right putts.

Henry Fall: Sneaky downhill left to righter.
Okay. Milo, so the inspiration for this video is actually from me watching a lesson that you had with a young junior out here in Arizona, rising junior, great player. And we talked about his struggles with putting, the other junior term you had recently, and he especially was struggling with pushing his putts.

Milo Lines: Yeah.

Henry Fall: Something a lot of people at home struggle with, pushing putts, right?

Milo Lines: For sure. And what it came down to a little bit is some setup issues-

Henry Fall: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Milo Lines: … kind of where his eyes were relative to the ball, how his putter was lying on the ground, and how his body was set up. He was kind of setting up with almost an arched back like this. And we got him to kind of round off his shoulders, let his head round off a little bit. And that allowed him to be able to really swing that putter on a better arch.

Henry Fall: Believe it or not, when we tell you, you can swing like an athlete, we actually feel like you can putt like an athlete too. So, stuff we talked about with him was, number one, he wasn’t necessarily getting his eyes right over the ball. For him, it was almost just inside the ball.

Milo Lines: Getting the eyes in a position where you see the line-

Henry Fall: Right.

Milo Lines: … correctly.

Henry Fall: But for him, it was getting, what felt like, his head was laying on a table more, so a little more roundedness-

Milo Lines: Because his tendency-

Henry Fall: … so his eyes weren’t up here.

Milo Lines: Yeah. He was looking more this way, and then looking at the ball through the bottom of his eyes-

Henry Fall: Yeah, peripheral.

Milo Lines: … instead of getting his face pointing at the ball, so his eyes are kind of going straight out.

Henry Fall: And we do that, just like in a golf swing. We have some roundedness in our neck and our cervical spine here, and we get down to the ball just like that.

Milo Lines: Yeah. And then you can see, as you did that, your shoulders kind of relaxed and came forward.

Henry Fall: Right.

Milo Lines: Now, you’ve got some roundedness in the thoracic spine as well. So it helps you be able to face down to the ball.

Henry Fall: Right. Now, here’s the little extra nugget we gave him, because on these left to righters, keep in mind that the green is sloped like this, right?

Milo Lines: Yes.

Henry Fall: Okay. So a lot of you guys at home are trying to lay the putter down-

Milo Lines: Flat on the ground.

Henry Fall: … flat on the ground, but what does that do to the lie angle of this putter?

Milo Lines: It shoots it off to the right a little bit.

Henry Fall: Right. And the putter has a little bit of loft too.

Milo Lines: Yeah. So now, the face is pointed just a hair to the right.

Henry Fall: Right. So one thing we gave him was to feel like the pressure in his feet was a little more in his heels.

Milo Lines: Yes.

Henry Fall: Just a little bit, just fighting the slope of hair. And then almost allowing the toe of the putter just to be up a little bit, because now-

Milo Lines: So the putter is really still level to the ground.

Henry Fall: Right.

Milo Lines: Or level to the horizon, but the ground is sloped.

Henry Fall: Exactly. Yeah. So now, maybe you probably aren’t going to end up on a 3% or more slope on a left to righter, but-

Milo Lines: It happens.

Henry Fall: … having the toe up just slightly in this instance, because of our pressure, and then having that rounded head, we can get these putts started a little bit more on line. It’s not going to break right, Milo.

Milo Lines: Well, you didn’t play it. You need to come over here.

Henry Fall: All right, let’s go over here.

Milo Lines: There we go. Now, we got a left to righter.

Henry Fall: That was a good putt. There we go.

Milo Lines: Yeah. See?

Henry Fall: I started that probably just outside the left edge.

Milo Lines: You were putting straight down the hill.

Henry Fall: But many of you at home are coming up to these putts, pressure is just neutral, even out on your toes, you lay the putter down flat and your head’s up here and you get this wipey push out to the right, and you’re like, “Oh, no.” And we see that all day. That’s a big miss for people on these putts, these downhill left to righters. It’s blocking it out to the right.

Milo Lines: For sure. It’s hard to get the left to right started high enough for most people.

Henry Fall: Right.

Milo Lines: And a lot of it’s because their setup doesn’t match up.

Henry Fall: Right. So pressure a little bit in your heels, rounded neck and head down. You could even also put just a hair pressure down the slope, just a little bit, to get it started, like you’re putting it down the slope versus staying back and-

Milo Lines: Yeah. It helps you swing along the slope. If we’re on downhill, like we are here-

Henry Fall: Yeah.

Milo Lines: … you want to be able to swing the putter basically as if you were on level ground.

Henry Fall: Right. Cool. Hopefully, this tip helps you guys with these nasty little left to righters downhill. Make that put under pressure [inaudible 00:04:18], whatever it might be. Right?

Milo Lines: For sure.


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