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Perfect BACKSWING Takeaway Feeling w/ This TRIGGER Start!


How to start the golf swing. Okay. Everybody. So today I want to talk to you all a little bit about how you should go about starting your golf swing and what the best players tend to do. So the best players, the way they start their golf swing generally is not directly off the ball. They almost always have a little bit of force that moves forward to go backward, just like in other sports. So if I’m a hitter getting ready to hit, I’m going to go, you see that little motion there? Forward, backward step. So in order for me to get this golf club started efficiently and not use my arms too much early, what I’ve got to do is I’ve got to be able to get a little bit of flow going in my feet. And then before I pull the trigger, I’m going to go a little forward so that I can start away.

Now let’s get into the keys here of what we’re doing. So as we start away, what we’re going to do is we’re going to shift our mass just a little bit toward our trail foot and then begin to rotate. So it’s a little shift and then rotate. And we’re using our body and the energy created by our body to move our hands and arms. So I don’t want to feel like I move my hands and arms early. I want to feel like I’m slinging my hands and arms up with my body. It allows me to swing the golf club back with a little bit more energy, rather than if I snatch it early, I’m probably going to use my arms a lot in the swing. So I want to feel like I’m putting energy into the system and then shifting and winding myself up. So previously Henry and I did a video talking about three different ways that we see professionals take the club away or really good players take the club away.

And we’ll put a link to that here in the description. But what those really are is you see some players almost drag the handle a little before the head starts to go. You see other players move everything in one piece and some start to hinge the club right away. But in all three scenarios, you actually see the body generating the energy. And you can tell because the left arm is not moving across the chest right away. What’s happening is as the player starts away, you’ll actually see the chest is moving at a slightly higher rate than the arms are. So the arms aren’t immediately crossing. So check that video out.

Now let’s move on and talk about this from a down the line perspective. So as a golf instructor, I often hear people that are so concerned with their back swings, whether they stay on plane or not, suck the club under, if they’re getting the club too out or the hands too far out, whatever it might be. Now, if we’re swinging the club back correctly, it almost always follows the correct path. So a really good drill for you to learn how to do this is to start with the club forward before we swing it backward.

So I’m going to do it one handed so you can see how the club’s momentum makes it follow the correct arc. So if I take the club and I toss it forward and swing it back, it naturally follows the proper arc. So in our swing, we want to feel like that’s what we’re doing. It’s a little complicated, because there’s a ball there. So I really can’t make the club go forward to go backward. If we could do that, it would be really easy to swing it back on plane. But what we can do is get energy into our body. So I’ll hit this one. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to start with a little trigger to get my self moving.

And then naturally you’ll see that that club will follow a pretty darn good plane up. I’m not thinking about how to get it on plane. It’s just following the plane because I’m putting the energy into the club with my torso, my ribs out to my shoulders and my hands. I’m not grabbing it early with my hands. Thanks for watching this video. I hope you really enjoyed it. If you’re a subscriber, look for more videos from us. If you’re not, click the subscribe button and the notification bell, as we always have more videos coming out.


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