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Nobody Tells You About This Golf Warm Up SECRET! (Pro Switch REVEALED)

Are you sick of feeling tired, stiff, and slow as you head to the first tee? And are you constantly getting off to poor starts, seemingly every round of golf you play? Milo Lines Golf fitness coach, Zach Gulley is back, and we are sharing some easy movements to turn on the switch, and help you dial in your golf warm up. The best golfers in the world aren’t afraid to get moving and build up a sweat before their round of golf, even going as far as doing a full workout in the gym before a tournament round. From Gary Player of old to Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and many others today, the golf warm up is a vital part of their daily routines. In this video you’ll also see clips of Nasa Hataoka and Miguel Angel Jimenez, two pros who do some unique exercises to prepare for peak performance. We hope you enjoy this fun episode and look forward to hearing how these warm ups help you shoot lower scores!


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