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No More Golf Swing BACK PAIN (Pelvic Depth To Fix 3 Extension Killers w/ Dr. Luke Bracke)

My good friend and fellow golf coach (plus anesthesiologist), Dr. Luke Bracke, joins me to cover the 3 main causes of back pain in the golf swing, and as you probably guessed, extension is involved in all of them. These findings came from a TPI article Luke had read years ago. As you likely saw in my recent videos, continuing with our series with Elite Golf Schools, Luke and I expand on our preference for flexion rotators over extended tilted golf swings (something Riley Andrews brought up). You can watch the full Elite Golf Series here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeK6V_nBv2vo3ePeIf8URErAeNRjBTY3s. Hope you enjoy this addition to that series!


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