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My Lesson With The CEO Of Golf Building A More Stable Swing

It was great having the CEO of Golf, Remec Carlson stop by for a golf lesson to work on building a more stable swing!

You’ll notice in this training, we focused in on a couple thoughts to better control the club face and how it can align with a more rotational pattern. While Remec already had a very nice action, he was a little hindered in how much he could increase swing speed, take the governor off, and freely turn without losing control (especially with a driver). This forced him to slow down to keep the ball in play so he could still shoot a score. With a more stable pattern, now he can work towards speeding things up while also maintaining control in order to reduce that push slicing driver. I hope you enjoy this lesson, and be sure to give Remec a follow here and on Instagram: @CEOofGolf .


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