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Make The Club LIGHT In The Backswing And HEAVY In Transition

In this video we’ll show you how to make the club light in the backswing and heavy in transition for a more flowing golf swing! Henry and I will walk you through this simple concept to help you naturally slot the club. For many of you, the club gets behind early because of poor wrist conditions and little to no left side bend. This makes the club heavy early and often results in an over the top downswing. Conversely, we’ll show you the opposite pattern, one where we make the shaft more vertical in the golf swing takeaway and backswing and make the golf club light. From there, much like tipping a baseball bat and the barrel falling back (shallowing), the club can fall into the slot with much less effort in transition coupled with your unwind. And for you senior golfers out there, this one concept could be especially helpful to your senior golf swing. We hope you enjoy this episode!


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