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Improve Downswing SEQUENCE With Heavy Golf Club | Momentus Golf Power Hitter


So you guys want to improve your golf swing sequencing? Stick around to find out how this heavy club, the power hitter, can help you do just that.

Hey everybody, so I’ve got in my hand the power hitter. This is one of the training aids that I use for myself. And the reason I use it is because it helps me to feel how to sequence my golf swing correctly. Now, this golf club weighs about three to four times more than a standard golf club. Not exactly sure how much, but it’s heavy. So when I swing this, I have to recruit the big muscles of my body to be able to get this thing moving. It’s too heavy for me to snatch with my hands and arms and too heavy for me to swing with just my hands and arms in transition. So it’s kind of like swinging a big sledge hammer.

So what I’m trying to do with this golf club is use the big muscles of my body to get it moving both directions. So I feel like I’m kind of slinging it around. And it’s a really good test to know if I’m swinging it correctly. So I’m going to hit a couple with this thing just so you can see. If I try to swing my hands and arms at this thing, watch what the ball does. It went way to the right. I don’t know if you could see that, but that ball went sideways because the club’s too heavy for me to catch up once I get it moving with my hands and arms.

So now if I want to hit this ball straight with this power hitter, what I have to do is I have to sequence it with the big muscles first. And that’ll allow me to square this club face up. So I’ll hit one for you so you can see how that would look. So I’m going to use my big muscle, the trigger to get it started, and then really feel like I’m using my turn to hit the golf ball with. And if I feel like I pull it all, that ball will go right. And that one went a little right. So I pulled just a little more than I wanted to.

So one of the things I really like about what this power hitter does for me is it helped me really feel the weight of the club and how the club can get more back behind me so I can sling it out into the golf ball. It also helps me to keep my, what I call flow, moving correctly. So I’ve got to have good sequence. I can’t get quick. If I get quick, I can’t catch up this heavy club. So I’m going to try one more and see if I can hit it a little straighter or maybe even a little draw. So I’m going to really feel like the club follows me. That was pretty good.

So with this club, if you’re doing it right, you’ll really feel the club following you both back, following behind a little bit, and then swinging and catching up through the golf ball, but it’s always following your body’s motion. So power hitter is a really good tool or any heavy golf club is a really good tool for helping you learn to use your body correctly and use the weight to the golf club how it’s meant to be used.


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