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How To SHALLOW The Club And TURN Without Spinning Over The Top

Have you been told that in order to shallow the club in the golf swing you must lower your arms before you can turn? Have you been told that early rotation will only make you steep? There are undoubtedly numerous ways and methods on how to shallow the club in transition, but I’ve lately seen many fellow coaches say that rotation is strictly producing a steep golf swing and causing golfers to spin over the top. They say the answer is to keep your back turned to the target and lower the arms to start the downswing. While I agree a certain type of rotation can create havoc and act as a swing steepener, this is not how I turn! And my preferences on shallowing the golf club in fact include rotation. I’ll break down these different opinions and matchups, then with the help of Gears Sports 3D data, offer video breakdown of the transition movements captured from the swings of Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, and myself. And wouldn’t you guess, we all do a same key move in transition that allows us to turn and unwind freely in our downswings, uninhibited, and with no over the top pattern. I hope you enjoy this video on creating a shallow golf swing with turn, and please let me know your thoughts below. Your feedback is appreciated!


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