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How To Propel Your Left Arm In The Backswing (Straight And Wide)

Learn how to propel your left arm in the backswing! In this video, Henry and I will help you through a common issue we see on the lesson tee, and that is the left arm in the golf swing, specifically the golf backswing, getting pulled in and across the chest early. This goes hand-in-hand with the right arm in a golf swing getting over-folding. This gets the hands really deep and typically correlates with a lack of wind-up and body turn in the backswing. From here, we often see the hand path shoot out to start the downswing and create an over-the-top pattern. We’ll show you a better way to takeaway the golf club, wide and with a “straight” left arm. However, straight is another word we need be careful with. A straight left arm can cause people to get too tense and rigid, depriving them of potential swing speed and the dynamic sling you often hear us discuss on this channel. We’ll show you the proper way to propel the arms in the golf swing without getting locked up. We hope you enjoy!


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