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How To DOWNSHIFT In Transition For A Powerful Transfer To Your Left Side

Do you struggle to transfer pressure to your left side in transition? In this video, Henry and I whip out the Downshift pressure board to demonstrate this important move to change directions athletically from your backswing to downswing. One of the main issues we find is that amateur golfers tend to move too far right in their backswing and struggle to get back to their lead side, as seen in our recent golf school with Dr. Scott Lynn and Swing Catalyst. This often results in a steep downswing, tilting, sliding, chunks, thins, etc. There also seems to be a misunderstanding between mass, weight and pressure. We will clear up the confusion between weight shift or weight transfer, and our preferred pressure shift move. And rather than just keeping weight on left side in golf swing, with help from the Downshift board, you will learn the key transition moves needed to sequence and transfer energy more efficiently in your golf swing! We hope you enjoy this episode.


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