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How To Create An Inside Delivery With Rotation (Master The HITTING ZONE)

Are you looking to create a more inside delivery through rotation? We kick off 2023 by returning to my roots, baseball! In this video, Henry and I uncover how you can better master the hitting zone, by looking at how elite hitters (both in golf and baseball) energize the delivery, and get the golf club or barrel to shallow as they turn through for a more dynamic impact position and swing path. As in golf, there are different philosophies on the baseball swing. From afar, there appears to be two primary approaches, one with a more straight line approach, and two where the bat lays down first behind the hitter. In this video, like always, I’ll uncover my preferences and we’ll look at legendary hitters like Aaron Judge, Ted Williams, Alex Rodriguez, and Albert Pujols for inspiration. Please note that I don’t pretend or claim to be a baseball hitting coach, but I see similar athletic movements in both sports and believe the swings are more alike than not.


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