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How To Correctly Shift Pressure And STOP Sliding


Hey everybody, Milo here. Welcome out to Superstition Mountain. We have a really good question from a YouTube subscriber today on how do we shift our pressure to the lead side without sliding?

There’s no question that in a golf swing pressure is shifting and our mass can displace a little bit off the center line as well. But generally the best players look like they’re staying fairly centered in their golf swings. And how are they able to do that? How are we able to get the force to the forward foot without sliding? Well, there’s quite a few dynamics here. So, a pressure shift is a dynamic motion, it’s not necessarily static. So if I was, if I, if I take my mass and I move it over here, sure. The pressure is shifted under my forward foot, but that’s not super dynamic. But now if I, if I went this way and back this way, you would see the pressure spike under my right foot and then under my left foot. But when it spikes under my left foot I’m actually stopping myself from going forward.

So the thing that made the pressure spike under my front foot is actually the act of me stopping myself from going forward. So, what’s happening is as we’re swinging, I can get forced under my left foot by stopping myself from falling down and forward. So, I don’t necessarily have to be moving my mass to get the force under that front foot. I can fall a little bit and stop myself and turn, and that will actually spike the pressure under that foot much more significantly than, than if I’m moving linearly like this.

There’s a couple of different varieties of slide that I see as really common in players. The first one would be the whole body, the whole mass of the body moving forward. Now that creates some issues because when there are whole bodies moving forward, we lose low point control. Generally, you’ll see that player start to throw angles at the golf ball, because if you move forward, you’re not going to get the ball airborne. The other one, we see a lot of its players who slide their lower half really forward to get pressure under their, their front half in their upper half hangs back. Now that player is generally going to have to flip the club out at the golf ball to be able to put the club on the ball because both of those kind of stall your rotational forces and make low point control very difficult.

So for me, my preferred pressure shift would be more of a dynamic pressure shift where we’re sinking into the ground. There is a slight motion lateral, but only slight. And then that is immediately converted into rotational force. It creates a better spike under the lead foot and it makes the, the bottom of the arc much easier to manage. So if you’re looking for a quick feel or a quick drill to be able to help you feel how to make a pressure shift, that has minimal amounts of slide in it, some really good things would be step drills.

So, you could actually start off with the club out here in front of you, step, step swing. And when I do that, my force is shifting ahead of the golf club on both sides. And you’ll also notice that my mass does not move along ways. So when I make this little step, my mass moves a little bit. I turn, I step, I swing. I’m staying fairly centered but moving pressure left and right. So I’m going to demonstrate one. Let’s see if I can hit one with a little step and swing. So we’re going to go start with the club out here in front, swing it back, step, step, swing and managed to hit it really well.

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