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Here’s What Jack Nicklaus Told Me About Releasing The Golf Club From The Top!

I had the great fortune of meeting Mr. Jack Nicklaus about 15 years ago and asked him about releasing the golf club from the top.

Full quote from Jack Nicklaus: “It looks like I’m purposely delaying the release of the club. But I can assure you I never tried to delay the hit or retain my wrist cock. That happens naturally, if you start with a proper grip, maintain a light grip pressure and keep your arms relaxed. It’s impossible to release the club too early in the downswing — as long as you move to your left side and swing the club from inside the target line.” It would appear there is more to the story than the old saying you should just release the golf club from the top, and in this video I’ll break down my conversation with the Golden Bear, and my take on this meaningful subject. I hope you enjoy!


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