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Golf Lesson w/ Spencer: FOLD For Perfect Golf Wrist Hinge And Face Angle (Part 2)

To conclude our two part lesson with Spencer, Henry and I further build on our first day’s lesson by continuing to encourage a more dynamic athletic move. In this golf lesson, we focus more on the golf wrist hinge and how creating right wrist extension (to be released into wrist flexion) can be utilized for more power and a more stable club face angle throughout. For Spencer, the tendency was to get his right hand grip on the club too strong, causing him to tilt more coming into impact. Correcting his right hand grip, as was also seen in the first golf lesson was a key part to this equation. With this method, you will see far less roll of the club face, therefore producing a much more square golf swing release. With this wrist action established, Spencer could then turn on the jets and begin letting his more athletic swing loose! We hope you enjoy this episode.


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