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Golf Lesson w/ Jeremy: Right HAND BACK To Compress 21 More Yards (Powered By TOPTRACER)

In this golf lesson with Jeremy, we moved not only to a strong golf grip, but encouraged a more stable clubface throughout the golf swing, resulting in a more optimal push draw shape and far more distance! In just 30 minutes with the help of this right hand back to compress feel, he increased carry with his 7 iron from 154 yards to 175 yards…a 21 yard increase! If you have long been following the Milo Lines Golf channel, you’ll know one of the staples of my preferred rotational golf swing method is the trail or right hand and wrist position, and how right wrist hinge (wrist extension) can create a more powerful, stable motion. In this lesson you will see how that movement brought about a more dynamic pattern for Jeremy. He went from swipey weak push fades and pulls to strong push draws. If you are looking how to hit golf ball farther, this episode could be very helpful. Many thanks to  @smashersongolf  , Dobson Ranch Golf Course, and  @toptracer  for the top notch facilities and ball flight data to help with this golf lesson!


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