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Fast Eddie Returns To Rapidly Increase SWING SPEED With These Students! (Golf Lessons Part 2)

You’ll increase swing speed with these training secrets from 2x World Long Drive Champion, Fast Eddie! Enjoy Part 2 of our golf lessons.

To conclude an exciting week at The Masters, we are thrilled to release the 2nd episode in our special 2-part series featuring Milo Lines and Eddie “Fast Eddie” Fernandes working side-by-side with multiple students to fine tune their movement patterns. Fast Eddie is a 2x World Long Drive Champion and has worked with several Tour professionals (including 2021 Masters Champion Hideki Matsuyama) to improve their dynamics through training, and help increase swing speed and increase driver distance. We were thrilled to welcome him to Arizona for this joint venture!

In this series, you’ll see Milo and Eddie work with golfers live to activate and employ the spiral line, and increase club head speed. You’ll witness some students gain upwards of 10mph clubhead speed with driver! You’ll also see never-before-seen training exercises and drills (including ROTEX) to awaken a more effortless golf swing meant for longevity and maximum efficiency. We hope you enjoy this special series, welcome your feedback, and hope you get the chance to watch both episodes!


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