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Energize Your Backswing Then CHILL For Proper Golf Swing TEMPO w/ @elitegolfofarizona ​

Watch this video to harness proper golf swing tempo for tour like smooth action! In this last installment with @elitegolfofarizona, we show you how to energize your backswing so then you can chill in transition and get the speed out front. Coach TJ of Elite Golf Schools also introduces to us to the Tour Tempo Total Game app (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tour-tempo-total-game/id329937776), a helpful tool to master your own tempo. The app can also be very useful for those of you looking how to increase increase swing speed. This is a different type of golf speed training. Some of us have a faster tempo, while some of us have a slower tempo. Some swing like Fred Couples and Ernie Els, while others swing like Nick Price, yet the ratios of the greats all appear to be about the same, 3:1. Each can work and be seen throughout the history of the game, but the key is to improve on your own tempo so you can still sequence it right when it matters. We hope you enjoy this episode and addition to our Elite Golf series!


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