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Don’t Be A Handle Pusher (PIVOT For Shaft Lean At Impact!)


Hey everybody, Milo here. Welcome back out to Superstition Mountain. Today we had a couple of really good questions from subscribers to the YouTube channel on getting that shaft lean that I’m becoming known for. Now, there are some right ways and wrong ways to go about that. Let’s walk through the wrong ways, what we don’t actually want to do. So when I’m swinging this golf club, I don’t want to try to hold the angle and push the shaft forward. If I do that, I’m going to struggle with getting the face square. I’m also going to struggle with making any speed. Okay. So what that would look like would be, I would swing back here and then I would try to push my arms down in front of me to get that shaft leaning forward. Most likely if you do that, you’re going to hit a really low and off to the right.

The key to getting that awesome looking lean in the shaft is how our body turns. So let’s talk another game for just a minute. Use my favorite one, baseball. So when I’m swinging a baseball bat and I arrive at impact, there’s an angle between my left arm and the shaft. The reason that that’s there is that I’m not throwing this, I’m turning it. So you turn it to get that angle. So our key here with this golf swing is if I want to get this club to arrive at my desired impact position, the only way I can get up to here like this and have that face square and be able to use the leverage to unwind with speed is to turn. So I’ve got to apply a rotational force.

That’s what holds this angle for me. I’m not actually physically holding the angle, hopefully, because if you are, you’re not going to hit it very far. So ideally, that angle is being held by rotational forces. So it should look something like this. That was a pretty good golf shot. Another thing to remember is the thing that makes our pivot dynamic is the flow of our motion. So we’ve got to get pressure flowing in the right order.

What I also see from a lot of you trying to get that lean is your pressure is moving out of order. So we’ve got to make sure that the pressure in our feet and the way our mass flows is always preceding the motion of the golf club. So there’s a little force to the left, then to the right, back to the left, always ahead of the golf club. And that allows us to be able to turning and stay ahead of the club into impact.

Milo Lines:
So to recap, a lot of you at home are trying to create this shaft lean with your hands and arms, and that’s not the optimal way to do it. If we want to be as efficient as possible, we need to have those dynamics created through physics and through our pivot. So we’re turning the golf club and using angular momentum to swing the golf club. We’re not holding anything back, but if we’re doing it correctly, when we arrive at impact we’ve got this look we want.

Milo Lines:
So I hope that helps you all understand it. If you’d like more information, come visit us at MiloLinesGolf.com. Thanks for watching this video. Click the subscribe button and like it, and please post comments if you have any.


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