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Did Tiger Woods Use This SIMPLE Method To Hit His Irons Pure? (Master Strike)

How did Tiger Woods hit his irons so pure?? Club fitting guru, Chad Dietz of Foreward Golf joins Milo to discuss the sacred TIGER STRIKE!

Throughout Tiger’s career he had the innate ability to seemingly hit every shot flush. Fellow PGA Tour player’s would often marvel at the unique sound of his ball striking. The effortless, powerful Tiger Woods swing, although superior, wasn’t the only contributing factor. What many don’t know is that Tiger was oftentimes ahead of the curb when it came to club fitting and his equipment, even having his own team dedicated to giving him every equipment advantage. He also was extremely accurate with his strike location on the club face, therefore producing more control and consistency. In this video, and the first episode in our 2-part series with Chad Dietz, we’ll walk you through this important strike location, and how you too can experience the Tiger Strike with your irons!


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