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COVER The Golf Ball And Properly Hit Down w/ Your Irons (Wrist Extension SECRET)

Let’s further examine one of the key traits of my swing philosophy, trail wrist extension, and why it is so crucial for those of you looking to properly cover the golf ball. Maybe you keep telling yourself, I just need to hit down on the golf ball more, or I am not hitting down on golf ball correctly because my weight isn’t enough on my left side, or I need to keep my head down? What if I told you one of the main reasons you likely aren’t compressing the golf ball and creating the downward angle of attack you desire is because your hands and wrists simply aren’t operating in a dynamic way. In this video, fellow Milo Lines Golf academy coach, Ed Lasater from San Diego and I walk you through this key delivery angle I see amongst the games best and you’ve likely seen me stress numerous times on this channel. Better impact and shaft lean await, I hope you enjoy!


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