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Course #1

The Learning Process

In this course you’ll learn the keys to effectively changing your suboptimal movement patterns.

The Process of Making Changes

How to Set up Feedback Stations

How to Film Yourself

Course #2

Building the Golf Swing Foundation

In this course I will guide you through my process of laying the foundation of an athletic swing. Without a solid foundation a player is forced to make many compensatory motions in order to make contact with the ball. If we can lay a solid foundation solid contact becomes nearly automatic and skill building becomes much easier.

Grip & Set Up

Geometry and Set up Adjustments for Each Club

The Pivot

After Impact

The Basics of Aim

Hand Wrist and Arm Movements

Understanding the Transition

Keys to Creating a Stable Impact

Course #3

Skill Development

In the course I will show you simple ways to learn the skills needed to be in control of the golf ball. If you want to play this game at a high level you must be able to predict the start line, trajectory, and curvature of your shots.

Hitting Start Lines and Shaping Shots

Developing a Stock Shot

Controlling Trajectory and Spin

Learning to Control Distance

Course #4

A Swing for Seniors

In this series I will walk you through a series of adjustments that you can make to play your best even if you are not as mobile as you once were.

Adjustments for Seniors 

How Seniors Can Maximize Their Speed

Draw Station for Seniors

How Seniors Can Maximize Their Speed

Course #5

Driving Basics

In this course you’ll learn how you can become a long and accurate driver of the ball.

What Makes a Good Driver

The Trigger

Release Without Twisting

Creating a Stock Fade

Driver Set UP

Winding Up

Add Speed Slowly

Creating a Stock Draw

Course #6

Making the Motion Dynamic

In this series I will show you how to become a more dynamic mover to generate more speed and distance. We will explore how to sequence motion and how to load and unload your muscle and facial system for maximum efficiency.

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This course is not yet available.

Course #7


In this course you will learn a few of the reasons that swing are like fingerprints no two are exactly alike.

Matching up a Shut Face

Matching up a Weak Grip

Optimum Matchups Are Individual to You

Sub Optimal Matchups

Course #8

Scoring (Distance) Wedges

In this series you will discover how high level players control trajectory spin and distance and how you can also take your scoring to new heights by applying the same simple principles.

Intro to Finesse Wedges (The Clock System)

The Technique

Control of Tempo

Mixing in Other Wedges

The Best Drill To Learn To Control Trajectory And Distance

The 50 Yard Wedge

Distance Wedges With Dana

3 Ball Distance Drill

Course #9

Around the Green

In this series you will learn the keys to short game touch. You will be instructed by current tour players that will demonstrate how and why they approach the short game the way they do. We will teach you the keys to solid contact, trajectory, distance, and spin control.

Keys to the Short Game

Learning Radius Control

Learning Short Game Touch

Controlling Trajectory

Chip and Run

Chipping Basics

Bunkers (How to Get It Out)

Adjustments for Different Lies and Conditions

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It is often said “Drive For Show and Putt For Dough” however the truth is Drive for dough and Putt for more dough. In this series I’ll walk you through the process of developing the skills to become a solid putter.

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This course is not yet available.

Course #10

Course and Game Management

In this series we will discuss how you can utilize your tool set to score your best consistently.

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This course is not yet available.

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Self-management (Mental Game)

In this series we will explore the psychology of playing your best golf. You’ll hear the principles taught by the top sports performance Psychologists.

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This course is not yet available.

Coming Soon

Getting the Most Out of Your Practice

In this series we will discuss performance tracking and practice planning. If you understand where you are weak then you’ll be able to create a road map for achieving new levels.

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This course is not yet available.

Course #14

Live Lesson Library

Get a look over Milo’s shoulder as he teaches players of every ability. Here you’ll see how Milo approaches differing swing and performance issues and helps his students to overcome them.

Pivot Lesson With Mike Pedersen

Derrick T Getting Rid of the Pulls

A Lesson With Becca

Alex Uloth Getting Dialed for an Outlaw Tour Event

Coming Soon

Faults and Fixes Library

In this section you will find a library of the most common problems players have and how to solve them for good.

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This course is not yet available.

Coming Soon

Analyzing Swings of the Legends and Current Tour Professionals

In this section you will be able to see the common movement pattern of the greatest players of the past and present and listen to Milo describe what makes them so great.

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This course is not yet available.

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