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4 Proven Ways To Lower Your Trajectory (Ball Flight Control w/ @elitegolfofarizona)

In my latest episode with Elite Golf Schools here in Arizona, lead coach Riley Andrews and I uncover 4 proven ways for you to lower your trajectory for better ball flight control. Perhaps you wondering why you are hitting golf ball too high. Although this is a topic I have covered in the past, in this video Riley and I will demonstrate 4 simple methods for you to hit it lower, some golf setup related and some that can be applied in the golf swing. Is your 7 iron launch angle way too high? Maybe you are wondering how to hit a punch shot under the trees? Maybe you are after that pro like knock down golf shot, or that famous Tiger Woods stinger? For us to reduce dynamic loft, improve that angle of attack, and lower the launch angle, there are a few things that need to happen, and in this video you will learn our 4 preferred ways (aligned with ball flight laws) to accomplish that. We hope you enjoy this latest edition to our Elite series!


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