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3 Keys To DELAY The Strike For A Powerful Golf Impact!

He, or she, who hits it latest hits it greatest! Are you looking for a more powerful golf swing and golf impact? In this video, fellow Milo Lines Golf Coach, Henry Fall and I demonstrate 3 keys for how to delay the strike and have the ball sizzle off the club face. For those of you that hit it too high and lose distance because of too much loft and low clubhead speed at impact, you’ll learn how to deloft irons, reduce your dynamic loft, and have the golf ball exit out instead of up. Not only will your launch angle, contact, and dispersion improve, but you will hit it farther as well. Maybe you have long wondered how the pros make it look so effortless, yet hit it so far? This may be the video that answers that question for you. Stick around until the end to also pick up a new golf swing drill to add to your repertoire, the buggy whip drill. We hope you enjoy!


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