Zach Gulley

Zach Gulley

Zach played athletics all his childhood and colligate years. Playing soccer and baseball through college, he was no stranger to hard work as one of the smaller players on the team. Zach used this hard work to harness his passion for the body and learn why things work and how things improve. While attending Arizona State University, Zach aspired to become a physical therapist. He worked in three different PT settings where he learned the specific needs of professionals, seniors, juniors, and everyday working folk. He gained a grasp on the things he saw work and the techniques that resonated most with his coaching philosophy. Titleist and his Level 3 Certification have also given him the tools to identify the needs of a golfer and the understanding of the physicality needed to play well. B.S. Exercise and Wellness, ASU / NASM CPT


Student Reviews

During Milo’s first lesson with me, he filmed me hitting golf balls on his iPad, created a split-screen, and compared my swing in slow motion to pros who had a similar swing pattern. By the end of the driver lesson, Milo had me hitting the ball 275 yards + with a draw. I’d never hit a draw before.

– Patrick O

I have increased my average ball speed by 8 miles an hour, and as an over 50 golfer, I am consistently in the 170- 175 MPH ball speed range with the driver on the course. This technique and confidence has trickled down into all aspects of my ball striking.

– Philip P

Milo gave me some drills to correct my swing flaws, but more importantly, it was the feel for the swing. That is something that I can ingrain and build on. It has me motivated to play more! My only regret is that I wish I could have taken a lesson from him a few years ago.

– Penny P