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From Milo Lines
Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club, Arizona
Re: The 5 Keys to a Rotational Golf Swing

September 25

Does this sound familiar?

You’re a golfer who knows the sting of disappointment all too well—the frustration that sets in when your once-promising swing seems to have abandoned you…

Each time you step up to the ball, a wave of hopelessness washes over you…

You lack the confidence you once had, doubting your every move and fearing yet another swing falls short, and another ball goes lost…

You can’t even narrow down what type of shot you are going to play—you are practically just swinging and hoping…

You’re a golfer who’s been trapped in a cycle of inconsistency—a rollercoaster ride of good rounds followed by disappointingly poor ones.

The elation of a well-played hole or shot quickly fades into the frustration of a shanked wedge, a pulled short iron, a topped fairway wood, or a promising drive slicing off line…

It’s as if you’re destined to be forever stuck in this cycle, unable to break free…

The constant grind has left you drained…

…hours spent on the range…

…late nights of countless youtube videos…

…a box in the closet full of old training aids…

…all in search of that ‘click’ and a movement you can actually repeat.

And then you realize you don’t know what you’re trying to fix or even if you’re going about fixing it the right way…

Have those countless hours just made your swing worse?!

This is only made worse by the barrage of conflicting advice and the countless coaching methods out there…

Not to mention your buddy Ron that’s a 26 handicap, and also your self-proclaimed ‘swing coach.’

The phrase that best describes you?…

“Paralysis by Analysis” 

To top it all off…

You’ve battled on-and-off pain—a golf swing that inflicts physical discomfort, forcing you to abandon rounds halfway through…

The joy of the game has been replaced by an ache that reminds you of your limitations…

…you’ve contemplated quitting—throwing in the towel and walking away from the game you once loved.

The thought of never feeling the thrill of a well-executed shot again seems almost tempting…

Your inner athletic drive and love for the sport seem to be the only things holding you back from giving up the game for good…

So, let me ask you a question…

What if I told you that you could strike the ball more solidly, more consistently, and create more distance, shot-after-shot…

simply by tapping into your inner athlete and using my 3-step system?

Imagine if…

You approach each shot with 100% conviction

…knowing where your ball is going with every swing…

including your misses!

No more shying away from the big stick… you now step on to every tee box pumped up to rip the driver with absolute confidence

Watching your playing partners’ jaws hit the turf as you rip another one down the middle…

…Enjoying the comments from your buddies:

“Where the heck did that come from?”

“What’d you have for breakfast?”

“Even a blind squirrel finds a nut, eh?”

By the 6th hole even ol’ Ron has shut his mouth…

…accepting the player you have become…

You are in complete command

You now play what we call ‘fearless golf’.

This may not sound believable, but here’s the real cherry on top…

…imagine accomplishing all of this, only to find that you are:

Swinging the club with complete freedom

  • with full out effort…
  • unhindered mobility…
  • and unconcerned with causing more pain…
  • or worse, injury…

…in fact, you finish 18 and decide to hit a bucket on the range just to appreciate that compressed ball flight a few more times…

…and all Pain Free.

This may seem unreasonable…

You’ve been promised the ‘perfect swing’ a million times in the past…

We’ve all heard the classic, yet disappointing, “I’ll fix your slice in 10 swings or less, guaranteed!” 🙄

What if I told you that it’s really not that difficult to experience these results?

What if I told you that you had it in you the whole time…

In fact…

…this is the penultimate case of ‘It’s not what you know, but what you do with what you know.’

I’m going to give you both…

…on a personalized 1-on-1 level…

…and make you a promise…

…the same promise I’ve made to thousands of others over the years…

…Tour players and weekend warriors alike.

Here it is: With my 3 foundational triggers, done daily, you will produce superior ball striking in as little as 7 days!.

These 3 steps have long been utilized by all of the great ball strikers that have ever lived…

Proven time and time again.

You’re probably asking though, what are they better able to do in their swings to produce that tour-level ball striking that I cannot?

What’s That ONE THING that helps them hit piercing, powerful shots time-after-time.

I’m telling you right now… YOU HAVE IT.

Here’s your proof:

  • Flip your club upside down and hold the shaft in your lead hand.
  • Smack your golf bag, or a large object multiple times with the grip of your club… …(Don’t be dainty!)
  • Hold the position.
  • Look at your lead wrist.

Now ask yourself these 4 questions:

  • Is your wrist cupped or bowed?
  • Is your back to the target or your chest to the target?
  • Is there shaft lean?
  • And most importantly, did you think about how you were hitting your golf bag?

Congratulations! You already know how to be a consistent ball striker…

…you just need to get out of your own way!

Here’s why.

You are a natural athlete and your subconscious knows how to deliver the club at impact for pure strikes every time.

If you analyze your impact position in this experiment, chances are it’s perfect.

Oddly enough, we get a ball in front of us and our fear, anxiety, and our analytical brain take over.

I’ve personally tested this on thousands and thousands of golfers and NOT ONE was in a poor impact position.

Your subconscious knows exactly how to execute effortless, consistent ball striking…

…but your inner athlete is in a dormant state, just waiting to be awakened…

…and these 3 simple steps will awaken your inner athlete and consistently trigger superior ball striking.

I’ve used these steps with thousands of golfers all over the world, from beginners to touring professionals. The results have been astounding!

After just seven days, they were delighted to find that they could now:

  • Stand on the first tee with supreme confidence…
  • Having absolute certainty where their ball is going…
  • Swinging fearlessly and effortlessly…
  • With flush contact every time…
  • Finally able to trust their yardages…
  • And most importantly…

They are now PLAYING golf…


  • Overthinking swing mechanics…
  • Worrying about chunking, thinning, or making poor contact…
  • Mid-round swing fixes.

Don’t take my word for it…

The Exclusive Formula…

…is not so exclusive.

These seemingly basic steps have worked for every level of player!

There is no secret formula exclusive to the elite golfers… it’s the same formula.

The problem is that 99% of golfers don’t know how to switch on these 3 game-changing triggers…

In fact, they don’t even know what these simple triggers are.

But don’t worry, it’s not your fault.

Every instructor has the ‘New and Easy Fix’, right?

In reality they all just have a different color and size of band-aid…

Not me… Why?

What’s crazy is that these steps, and most importantly the mechanical advantages they produce, aren’t even some new discovery.

These techniques have been mastered by the game’s best since man first decided to swing a stick at a ball.

You will see these same foundations in almost every rotational athletic movement…

…chopping down a tree, hitting a line drive to center field, even raking the leaves in your yard.

I mean… Look at history.

Look at the 3 common denominators that every great ball striker has. From Snead and Hogan to Woods and McIlroy…

All different swings, all the same foundations.

Modern instruction is so full of temporary fixes and gimmicks, it’s no wonder you feel paralyzed.

The problem is that 99% of golfers don’t practice these simple steps on a regular basis. Worse still, they don’t even know what these proven steps are!

The same principles have always applied, but now we have 3 simple, easy, and effective steps to make you a better ball striker…

literally overnight!

So what’s the SECRET?

One golfer and perhaps the best exemplifier of these techniques, was Mr. Hogan.

Often revered as the greatest ball striker of all time, Ben Hogan was able to carve and flight his ball perhaps better than any golfer…ever!

The sound and quality of his strikes were unmatched.

You’ve probably heard all the sayings and read all the books…

…Hogan said this, Hogan said that. At this point it’s become golfing folklore.

You’ve probably heard he wished he had 3 right hands… sound familiar?


Well, through a connection of mine I actually found out what Hogan really meant!

See, the great Jackie Burke at one time in fact took lessons from Ben Hogan and was told that the trail hand goes from a sharply hinged state to let go through the strike.

This was what he meant by wishing he had 3 right hands.

This lesson was later passed on to a student of Burke’s who later took a lesson from me after realizing our philosophies are so similar.

Having analyzed Hogan’s swing and spoken to those that were around him during his prime, I’ve come to the belief that there were 3 specific actions that stood out.

And he was able to do these 3 actions especially well. Better than anyone!

Having analyzed Hogan’s swing and spoken to those that were around him during his prime, I’ve come to the belief that there were 3 specific actions that stood out.

And he was able to do these 3 actions especially well. Better than anyone!

The 3 actions Ben Hogan did especially well in his golf swing:

  • Body driven pivot with shifts
  • Clubface aligned with his right hand
  • Corner to his classic finish

These 3 actions sound simple enough, no?

Well what if I told you the essential steps I’ve been eluding to have helped thousands of golfers, pros and amateurs alike, strike the ball dramatically better and run parallel with these 3 Hogan actions?

Let me share these 3 foundations with you here…they are:

  • Foundation #1 - Awakening the Pivot
  • Foundation #2 - The Power Angle
  • Foundation #3 - Unwinding the Lever

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into each of these foundations.

What is the reasoning behind them, and what makes them so effective in producing elite quality ball striking?

Through thousands of lessons in-person and online, and as evidenced by every legendary golfer throughout history, I have found these 3 essential steps to immediately improve ball striking:

  • No matter your age
  • No matter your athletic background
  • No matter your clubhead speed
  • No matter your handicap
  • No matter your golfing experience
  • No matter your physical condition

They have been proven time-and-time again to work!

And it all begins with the super simple, 1st step:

Foundation #1Awakening the Pivot

One of the most noticeable differences between an elite professional’s golf swing and that of the recreational golfer is a good pivot…

…defined by a combined athletic sequence and rotational movement of the body…

…something I call moving the system.

After all, the golf swing is a culmination of many moving parts.

And it’s how we move this system dynamically that delivers the optimal swing pattern, the greatest club head speed, and the purest strikes!

This systematic movement is how the pros on TV always look so smooth and dynamic, and how the legends of old swung the club with such grace and power.

Don’t you wish you could have that seemingly effortless, convicted move through the ball?

Don’t you wish you could create that powerful impact position, without even thinking about it?

Don’t you wish you could finally get open at impact without slicing the ball off the planet?

The easy solution is to begin implementing my 1st foundation right now to finally awaken your pivot and begin moving your system like the pros, once and for all!

But wait, there’s more…

After all, there are 3 foundations, not just 1!

Awakening the pivot is only the first step. Once our system is moving more efficiently and powerfully, we have to be able to align the clubface.

Above all, the clubface is king! It is the primary determiner of where our ball goes.

If you struggle with one, or all of these:

  • Chunks
  • Shanks
  • Sliced drives
  • Popped up drives
  • Toe strikes
  • Heel strikes
  • Topped fairway woods
  • Pulled irons
  • Thinned long irons

Then I want to let you in on a little secret!

There is one key thing that every great ball striker, ever, has had in their swing to practically guarantee solid, compressed contact shot-after-shot…

and masterfully direct their ball to the target, with that consistent piercing flight we all desire!

It’s the secret sauce to taking command of your ball striking for good.

And can you believe it all starts with just your trail hand?

Could it really be something that simple?

It’s something the legendary strikers of old knew and regularly trained, and even spoke of. But it seems for some reason this simple key has been kept seemingly classified from the golfing community at large.

A trade secret only kept for the elite golfers, the 1%…

…until now!

I’d like to introduce you to my 2nd foundation…

Foundation #2 – The Power Angle

Sam Snead knew it.

Moe Norman knew it.

Ben Hogan knew it.

And I knew it soon after picking up the game 20+ years ago…

But most importantly, now you’ve seen it!

However, just seeing it does not mean you have mastered it. It does not even mean you understand it, or know how to train it…

…but I can promise you that mastering this crucial foundation is so much easier than it sounds…

…as long as you have this power angle activation technique it’s easier than you ever thought possible!

In no time, you’ll be making more centered contact and with greater compression.
You’ll be picking up 10, 20, or even 30+ yards without even needing to increase your club head speed.

All with just a simple trail hand trick…

…a power angle, proven to produce flush contact!

Just look at Jon Rahm, even he knows it…and owns it!

This power angle is guaranteed to bring your ball striking to the next level!

But wait, there’s more…

I promised you 3 foundations, a system proven to trigger more consistent ball striking in as little as 7 days…

Proven to awaken your inner athlete…

And drastically lower your scores!

This last, but not least step completes this proven system.

I call this 3rd and final step…

Foundation #3Unwinding the Lever

In this critical last step your golf swing will be on cruise control.

You will finally let go

And speed will be effortless.

Don’t just take my word for it.


One name that comes to mind when talking about letting it go is the great Jack Nicklaus.

When Jack Nicklaus visited our course which he designed, I was fortunate to have met him.

Having long heard that Jack intentionally released it from the top, I had to ask him for myself.

I said, “what is the deal with releasing from the top, is that what you actually said?”

He told me, “it’s been misunderstood and many have left out a crucial part

…you see, as the club head approaches the top, I like to feel that the club head’s weight is pulling on my arms and hands…

…this gets them aligned at the top of the swing…

…then starting down I try to sense the clubhead lagging until the downswing has been fully initiated by my feet and legs…

…at which point I know that I can safely release the club with my hands and arms.

This conversation with perhaps the greatest of all time, The Golden Bear, was a game changer for me!

It reassured me in my mind that my early philosophies were on point.

And now, many years later, it’s with absolute confidence I know that my 3 foundations embody Jack’s message.

Once and for all you will feel that stable release…

…followed by finding yourself in a balanced, classic finish.

Your swing will feel powerful…yet in complete control.

This is the culmination…

…the climax where all the energy gets let out…

…and the speed moves out front.

It’s like the ball just gets in the way.

It’s as if you don’t even need to think about hitting it.

There’s no thought of hitting down…

…or hitting the ball first…

…or keeping your head down.

You are just freely moving through the strike.

No more chunks…

…no more thins…

…no more shots coming up short…

…only pure, compressed strikes!

Once you’ve mastered this simple final foundation, there’s no holding back.

You’ll begin playing more aggressively…

…cutting corners and taking on new lines with the extra distance you’ll pick up with driver…

…and executing shots you thought only the elite ball strikers could summon up.

You have reached your final destination…

Ball striking glory!

YES! I Want Consistent Ball Striking

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