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I’ve always been amazed at the part the mind plays in the golf swing. For example, I have had, at least in part, a problem with what is commonly called the “hit impulse”. I understand there are other things involved, but whenever I take practice swings I feel I hit “positions” much better, I don’t worry about the ball. When the ball is down there in front of me I shy away from hitting it. But if I step away from the ball and first take a series of practice swings, then IMMEDIATELY step up and swing, about 40-50% of the time I will hit a significantly better shot. The idea is that the practice swings get my mind (and body) USED to how I’m supposed to swing and as long as I step up and quickly swing for real (and don’t “obsess” over the ball) I have a much better chance of swinging well. This Rypstick thingie I would say works the same way; swinging it gives you the FEELING you want which hopefully carries over to your actual drive. IOW, at least short-term, if you came back the next morning and tried swinging without first using the stick my guess is you wouldn’t see much, if any, difference in speed. Of course repeated use will make a difference.

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