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How To Dynamically LOWER The Arms In The Downswing

There are some different trains of thought out there on how the arms lower in the downswing. In this video, I’d like to share my understanding of this movement and why I have the preferences I do. There are undoubtedly endless ways to move, match up, and swing the golf club, but if you have followed my channel you will know I like to move in a baseball hitting-like pattern, with rotation and flexion, a pattern I tend to see in the most powerful players. In this video I also incorporate some findings of Dr. Mark Bull @bull3dgolfacademy56 which I believe further demonstrate my preference that the arms do not fire down (and lower independently) from the top, but rather work slightly into us as we begin to unwind and flex leaving the club up and back. This produces a later firing of the arms and the club into the ball. As in most anything in life, there are various beliefs, interpretations of data, and how people convey their findings. I will continue to share my preferences with you here, preferences that I believe the most dynamic ball strikers embody in their golf swings. I hope you enjoy this video and thanks for following along!


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